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Just like any vehicle, your electric car still needs servicing. However, as a complex piece of technology, you need experts with the right training and equipment to properly service your vehicle. At Rapid Tune, we can help you with that.

Logbook service checks and routine maintenance must be carried out on EV’s at regular intervals as prescribed by the manufacturer. Failure to comply with the service schedule is not only hazardous but could also affect your manufacturer’s warranty.

Electric Vehicle maintenance schedules include brakes, cabin air filters, shock absorbers, steering, wiper blades, lights, ECU & control module faults, electrical components, and connectors, just to name a few. Essential fluids, such as brake fluid and coolant (Engine Oil, Oil Filter and Transmission Fluid If the vehicle is a hybrid) also need to be replaced as necessary.

Another consideration to Electric Vehicle maintenance is EVs can have an increased rate of tyre wear due their high torque outputs and weight distribution. The battery is also an integral part of a Hybrid or electric vehicles operation and sustainability, this should be regularly checked and replaced as needed.

No need to worry, Rapid Tune has you covered for all your EV repairs and maintenance.

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